About The Photographer

Hello There! 

You guessed it, my name is Nicole Negleman!

I am currently located in Mesa, Arizona and do photoshoots in all the surrounding areas. (Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix. Apache Junction, Gold Canyon)

I was born and raised in the bordertown of Yuma, Arizona.

I first became interested in photography when I started taking pictures with a small 'point-and-shoot' Kodak in Middle School.

I began by taking pictures of flowers and plants in my backyard, eventually moved on to my pets, and finally to my friends and myself.

In high school, I began to offer senior sessions for my friends and classmates for fun. The more people I took pictures of- the more requests I got.

I was told so many times that I should start my own business, so that's what I did!  and guess what?! I absolutely LOVE what I do! 

I love photography for the freedom of expression and diversity. No two pictures are ever the same and all art is subjective, which gives me so much room to explore and create whatever comes to mind! 

My favorite part of shooting portraiture is seeing my clients face light up when they see their final images. I want all my sessions to be fun, creative, and inspirational.

I also want every person to leave feeling confident and beautiful! That is so important to me as a photographer! 

My general style tends to be light, airy, and relaxed. Although, I can do artistic dramatic images as well. Take a look at my Gallery for examples.


 Feel free to contact me anytime at (928) 210-8713. 

(Text message works best for me, as I am not always able to answer the phone during the day but can respond quickly to messages) 


Fun Facts About Me: 

I have one dog, Damian, he is a golden retriever. He is my best friend and he goes almost everywhere with me! 

I also have a chinchilla named Maxwell! 

I lived in Honduras for a couple years when I was ages 4-6. Because of this, I understand some Spanish! 

I love to travel! I have been to Beliza, Costa Rica, Cancun, and places around the US.

While I love taking pictures, I also love getting my pictures taken. Modeling is so fun to me and can be such a confidence booster! 

Teriyaki Wings are my favorite food ever, however, I am trying to live a more vegan lifestyle! So, I guess teriyaki cauliflower will have to be my new thing!